​About Us -

My perfect partner. My husband, Cecil..

My biggest fan and the best  of everything.

Life is a work in progress....

.    There comes a time in life to finally start doing the things you have said for years that "someday" you'd get around to.   When you find the perfect partner to work with and that person is all for your idea, then, the time to start is now!  Actually, my husband

(my perfect partner) and I started this endeavor in 2009.  I've found it takes time to hone an idea to perfection.  I'm not there yet. Not even close. But I'll get there. It takes work. And dedication.  

   Photography has always been a love of mine.  Seeing the world a little differently sometimes, taking a different approach, challenging myself to keep learning and getting better.  Sometimes, I've found that can be exasperating to people I'm with - I'm off with my camera, clicking away, they're ready to move on, go somewhere else, and I'm walking farther down the road, out into the field, over on the bridge, taking more photos.  And then there's the waiting. Waiting for the sun to get just  little lower.  Waiting for the trees to take on a certain glow.  Waiting.  My main focus is landscape photography.  Waiting is all part of it.

    Now, I'm introducing watercolor into the mix.  Taking my photos and making watercolor paintings from them.  This is a whole new experience.  It's all about color. And composition. And hopefully learning how to put it all together beautifully.  

  And enjoying life along the way. Because that's the whole point.