Waterlily.  Watercolor   12 x 18

Central square. Old Town Albuquerque.

Watercolor  16 x 12

Hibiscus  - Acrylic on canvas

​18 x 24

Roses, of course!

​9 x 12

12 x 18

Ducks on Shore

12 x 12​

Pansies and Primroses

​​​​A lot of things have changed since my diving headlong into learning to paint.  It's a constant process of change.  The things I painted just a month ago, I look at now and see so much I should have done differently.  It's funny, but life is a lot like that too.  Boy ! Is it EVER like that.  So, as I try to slow down and make better choices in my paintings, I'm daily trying to do that in life, too.  (Changing how I paint something is a WHOLE lot easier than changing old habits in life!) 

​A few months ago I decided it was time to learn something new. Expand my knowledge-base.  So, I began using acrylics.  They had to be a lot like watercolors, I thought to myself.  And they are. Pretty much.  I'm putting my feeble attempts here.  For all the world to see. I can't see you roll your eyes, or see the questioning look on your face. Good thing.  I don't have very thick skin in this game, yet.  Therefore, I encourage you to look these over and shoot me a comment on the "contact us" page.  Reading critiques is a lot easier than hearing them in person. Thanks in advance for being patient with my artistic struggles.

14 x 30​

Old Stone House

watercolor Painting

Fushias on canvas.  16 x 20 Acrylic

14 x 20

Old Stone Wall.

Nobody Cares Anymore

12 x 17

The Old Barn.  For Gail.  

Watercolor  10 x 12

Abandoned  Dreams​

​12 x 18


A Bouquet for Claudia

​12 x 17

I keep painting, practicing, and trying things "above my pay grade".  It's getting better.  A little bit, anyway.  My family are my biggest fans. Thankful for that !  It's all about the process.  Oh, that sounds way to over-the-top. It's all about getting paint on the brush, looking at a perfect piece of really good watercolor paper, and setting out to see just how much you can mess up before you have to scrap it all together.  As my painting teacher has said many times " It's only a $3.50 piece of paper." (for 12 x 17).  "Don't stress !"

Penny Cove Lighthouse, Nova Scotia. 

Watercolor   12 x 16

Caveman Bridge

Grants Pass, OR

18 x 12

Crater Lake and Phantom Ship-​

Enhanced photo on canvas. 18 x 24

Watercolor.  12 x 16.   Lonely beach.