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Photography was the primary focus of my website for a long time. I have a passion for seeing the beauty of the world through the camera lens. And over the years, thanks to digital storage, I've amassed thousands of photos from our cross-country travels.  What I have on the Photography page is only a small sampling of wildlife, landscapes, and eclectic shots of things that caught my eye.  Then, as life always does, change happened and I started painting, mostly from my own photographs.

Art of all kinds has fascinated me throughout my life.  I made a promise to myself that I would learn how to paint - starting with watercolor - after I retired from teaching.  I kept that promise, taking classes from a very patient and fabulously talented lady for 2 years.  I always have at least one painting in progress, then, sometime last year, I decided to branch out and try acrylics.  I ordered my first little set of tiny acrylic tubes, only 24 colors, a couple of small canvases and wondered ..."now, how do Ido this?"  I've been back and forth between acrylics and watercolor since then, constantly learning something new at every turn.  

Capture the beauty in photography and art

You may ask " are any for sale now?"  Yes, absolutely!  You have only to inquire on our contact page.  I don't frame pieces to ship,  It's a whole lot easier that way.  And if you have an interest in a painting and would like a fine quality print, that's easily done, too.

​Two For The Road Photography (and art)